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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Made my dad a little something to hang on his doorway!

I was thinking of doing up a pair of old ice skates but he needed something lighter. Had to go on a hunt, so went to the local consignment shoppe called "Consignments For Good", a really neat place with an excellent giving back direction. Owned by Joan Dargie and family, really active folks in the community.
  Anyways I found a three dollar pair of extremely light santa boots and turned em into Santa iceskaters! With a generous taste of Christmas candy canes inside!!! Dad seemed to like the idea.

 I also hung them with twill and a small microslide by Arty Chix with a Santa inside, his face on one side and an entire Santa on the other so either way it lands it's still cute! Added a few silvery white Christmas pom poms to the laces and similar glitz onto the blades for Party Zing! Marry Christmas Dad and everyone!!!

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