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Friday, December 12, 2014

OK am hating this Holiday prep time right now!

Am I allowed to say that? Does it make me a Scrooge or a Grinch? Perhaps it just makes me every mom in America this time of the year! Geesh yesterday I spent like seven hours writing my first Christmas letter ever, and it's so bad. The pages are out of order and I have grammatical errors and misspelled word galore. I am sending it the way it is too, ink costs too much to redo all that work. So hope all the people I love enough to send a crappy letter to can understand and not judge me too much. Seriously hope you can understand my letter! LOL  Here's my BAH HUMBUG picture for the day! Since I had no time yesterday for art. They are the leftover candy canes my dad brought for the Santa shoes I made him. Yup I stole the broken ones and ate em all last night except these two out of sheer frustration and need for some " Holiday Sugar"! It's a for sure thang no one was going to kiss me with that mood I was in after hours of dealing with "Office Seven and a slow 11 year old computer that will not
Christmas crap I love to eat! Thanks DAD!
 do the thing I need when I need it!!!!!

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