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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My sons school project this week!

He had to make a homemade gift as a secret santa for a peer in his classroom.  She said she loved softball, teal, neon and light green. So first he drew her a beautiful picture and we put that in a used mail tube. Then we made her an ornament that is actually a baseball, it says "Merry Christmas on one side of the ball with her name at the end, and on the other side it says"RED SOX NATION!" Then at the bottom for a base we used an ornament with the date 2009 on it because that was when they met in kindergarten and it's shaped like a heart! Lastly we wrapped it in tin foil and duct tape and added the face and a candy cane in its hand, to emulate The Statue of Liberty! My son and I both worked very hard on this and he is so proud on how it came out. This morning I drove him into school so he could put it into class without her knowing who it was! Hope she loves it as much as we did!! She's one of my favorite children, both her parents are the nicest people and both artistsas well!

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