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Sunday, December 27, 2015

The auction for the Ugandan children raised almost six grand!

  We still have much work to do though so when I return from Uganda-Lord willing the auction will continue but in a different way. Hoping and praying to have artists do many different  one man shows, seeking out
some better known artists for the future of the "AN ALTRUISTIC ART AUCTION FOR AFRICA" so that we can raise more money, and attract even more high bidders!
   Since the artist's themselves need to eat and pay bills tool not all proceeds will go to Africa for some of these events, we need to make them artist friendly!. Charity is a fantastic endeavor but we will not get people who need their art for survival if we keep all the proceeds. I will be praying about how this will run, for percentages and to keep up an appropriates outlook for onlookers who want to benefit artists and African children alike!!!
  In addition to hopes of having some notable one man show artists exhibition type auctions with up and comers, and  well known artists, hopefully we can get duet shows going. Simple speaking pair two artists for one show one being well known the other not so much giving more notoriety to both!.  Fame baby fame!
     Exciting themed inducers for artists who might even be beginners as well. Combined with some generous offerings from artists who have great training which would be both fun and lucrative.
  The purpose for these auctions will be to further the art program in Uganda until they are able to self sustain! Remember they are the very  young to teen age children, and since  the program(at Kampala Children's Centre),  KCC, is still only ten years young they need much healing as well as agents for prosperity. The entire point though is to give them a voice in this world through creative means! I am very excited to be soon visiting Africa!!!
  When I return home there will be much new inspiration had and ways for me to share that inspiration. Prayerfully seeking God's guidance in how I can best serve my own home community as well. God is not only granting me knowledge about how to serve the world better but in doing so I will also be a better advocate for the children here at home.
  This Christmas was very different for our family than previous years. Having  accumulated many boxes of holiday decor over the years of married life the only thing we decided to display as a family this year was our fake tree presentation complete with  preset white lights. What a huge burden was lifted from our shoulders not having to retrieve everything put it up, out and repack before the trip to Africa. No cookies, cakes, pies or sweets of any kind  were made.   Wow what another time saver that was by my husbands request as a matter of fact! He said all it ever seems to do is cause enormous stress and weight gain, he was right,
Although they are fun to eat. almost all sin is fun to some degree!!!! He he he, cookies now equal sin!  Only if I have to make them during the holidays though so no worries for the rest of you ever so bionic women out there, or man cooks as the case may be!. A moment on the lips forever on the hips and stress for weeks on end just to prepare that tower of sweet monstrosity! Instead of spending our money that way we invested in the trip and the auction! Now we have wonderful art to keep and some to share!
  Instead of making cookies I made new Christmas tags, every year I take on a huge art project for the holidays of some type,last year it was shaker snow people, which I think were finished the week after Christmas! The year before it was my dirty little Dickensian's, the year before that snow heads with bird-nest hats  for ornaments and so forth and so on!
  So here are some of the tags on cookie trays for your enjoyment! I hope that your Christmas was merry and that your New Year will be bright and filled with love! If you supported the auction I want to thank you again and again for a job well done and for your sacrifices for good! Perhaps you were not able to attend the auction or perhaps I did not invite people properly, My apologies for any offenses made, and know this things will be better in the future, I will be better in the future! Less pressured so will do a much kinder job with invitations and schmoozing abilities! Yes people my schmoozing abilities needing refining so the auction was a huge learning experience in many ways for me.
  The organization wanted $20,000.00 dollars to be raised and we only made it a little over a quarter of the way.Donations are acceptable still all year round through , we are all trusting  God for the building of the arts/media center and the outcome of the entire arts project for the Ugandan children!

   Although it isn't always easy not to take on pressures and have self expectations for many of us when kind
requests are made. God has a plan and it is absolutely not about me. Still learning this after over 50 years of life!!!! What is it about you ask???? Well believing in the great commission to love others as Christ did to be willing to go the extra seven miles and than seven more and on and on and on, in humility and love-teaching through example. OK so what has my example been? Most of the time it's about allowing God to shine through brokenness because I am fallible and constantly making human mistakes, heart being in the right place most of the time but am still very limited in how to be what my heart desires.Which is always to walk a walk where doing so means not to offend others, leading  even my own children in kind and gentle ways. This task seems easily maneuvered by some but for others like myself can be a daily battle!
   In all of this reaching out to the public for the sake of the worlds children thus forcing me to learn at a faster pace something that has not come easily for me in life, social grace! I have prayed for it for years people! Remember be careful what you pray for  because in most scenarios it means change and if you want something badly enough and God realizes you are serious about it, He will change you! He has and is changing me! Never is it ever too late to change for the better, to see God's work in your life and heart and to be a vessel to reach out to the world in love. Thank you God made universe,God, and kind people of the world for giving me an opportunity to serve.
 Happy Holidays! Sanna

Friday, November 13, 2015

The auction has been a success so far....

but we have almost a long way to go to begin the ARTS/ MEDIA CENTER for the Ugandan Children at KCC! We still need over 16000.00 . Here are some of the art works that are either available for bid or will be soon! More not even shown here so come see the auction and place some bids, the prices are great! The cause is so worthy, it's for the Kampala Children's Centre in Uganda and what they need right now is and art/media centre to further their cry to be heard and to reach the people in love. All cultures and communities need art to make the wounded heal and to have a voice to be heard. Here the hope is to have several approaches to this goal inside the new Arts/ Media building. There will be rooms for theater, computer labs, dance lessons and rehearsal studio,sound rooms for recording to further their singing ministries, and a wonderful area for fine arts. I see this as an ongoing ministry where I will raise money for art supplies and send them to the children as there are no supply stores right now in Uganda. I will be going to Uganda myself soon already bought my tickets, to help plan the building and to see my own sponsored child in his own setting. I will also be teaching a bit and visiting a few pastors in the bush with orphans as well to bring them each a lop top for their ministry outreach! I will only be going for short visit this first time but thereafter God willing longer stays to build the fine art program and teach children and adults how to facilitate art work and healing through the power of paint but mostly Christ's love! All the proceeds from this auction go directly to the building. So come PLEASE  to support our auction site on fb at :
 there are many ways to support, prayer, bidding, offering art donations and encouragement to the bidders and the workers! Thanks in advance, Sanna

2 SIZES OF Giclee prints available at auction

For sale poster size 24 x 24 inches at auction" MY HEART LIES IN AFRICA"

dollar download at auction

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