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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Annie Hamman is a friend of mine from South Africa.

   I took a class with her this lovely month of September. What an excellent online teacher this woman is I tell you folks! She is a learned editor (so her videos are professional, both easy and fun to watch) and she can paint and does so like a divine anointed child. One of the things I so love about Annie is the approach to art she actually takes with her very young child. Tallulah who is a naturally born artist and her mother sure does all she can to make sure this 3 year older gets to be the prodigy she is, the child is amazing! We can all learn from the little one, and her mom by watching them create, sometimes even painting together. I wish I lived closer to my friend Annie because she is so joyful and fun. We have a lot in common, we both like old kind of creepy dolls they are not creepy to us instead we view them as nostalgic. Loving what art can do for a child to help foster thriving and mastery is also something Annie and I have in common but people it is never too late to learn. Never to late to even become a master in fact, and if you get the chance to take one of Annie's classes you will feel like one! Your art will take new turns for the better in a very short amount of time, like I feel that mine has, she has secrets to share!!!
   Thank you Annie for helping me to  further reach my full potential.  Thanks for sharing the joy of art through your eyes and the eyes of your child. It's going to make me a better teacher too! Thanks for being you Annie the blessing that you are, so glad GOD helped me to find you.
  Here is a second piece I made from ANNIE'S class. Oh and by the way no two paintings are even close to being the same it is about story telling and everyone has her own story t tell!!!

Moon I made from my own stencil
close up of mer belly

she gazes at the moon from inside her cave

finished product for sale  $500.00 dollars

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