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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I am taking a class with Annie Hamman! She's a brilliant artist and teacher....

So this is the painting I have chosen to make so far, it is of my grandmother Harriet! I loved my grams, she always had pinwheel mint candies i the jar when we visited. I got to sleepover her house and get the royal treatment. Felt like it to me, she would give me choices of what we could eat and we had neat interesting stuff like cottage cheese and peaches with pepper which I love to this day.

 Sometimes she took me places like to a church fair or to get something special a tiny thoughtful gift, or a book to read.
 My gram was always doing her fingernails, she was a classy woman, who had a very classic sense of fashion. She loved putting my sister and my hair up in pinwheels for curls the night before a big event like Easter or my Aunties wedding.
 She had a certain sadness about her eyes, because she lost two of her children the two boys when they were only a baby and 2 years old from a blockage and the RH factor. Back than there wasn't much known about how to grieve properly or how to validate a friend so people avoided the subject and the mourners were basically left to their own misery. A hard way to find healing.
 My mom was the first born to my gram she was only 5 when her brothers died, she wasn't allowed at the funerals. Hard on my mom too, and she was as adorable as gram is pretty!

 After the two deaths my gram had a fourth child, another girl. My Auntie, she too had the RH factor, but medicine had come further in those 7 or so years.  So my uncle George was a match and my auntie Nancy was one of the first babies ever to survive in BOSTON from the special transfusion.
 Both my mother and my Auntie became maternity nurses. They were really great at their jobs and saved lives.
 I think my gram is happy to know she has so many great grad children and many boys who have lived. My grandfather too!
 My gram had a big influence on my life, she was always in my corner, and I knew she loved me. I love and loved her too!
 I miss you Grammy!!!
I used birch trees in the windows because Gram had many in her yard, and they are my favorite tree. 
 I hope you like my picture of you, it is about values and telling a story. Thank you Annie Hamman for the excellent teaching videos and the inspiration your art bring into my life! If you see one of Annie's classes I highly recommend taking one the videos are so great you learn a lot eel inspired and the music is also phenomenal!
This is the picture I used for my painting. not exactly the same but close.

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