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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Since this is still Sept.

Pictures of my sons first day getting on the bus for Junior High School, with dad and the dog! Bright new yellow bus too!

 The night before our middle son was struck by lightning while playing games in the basement. The miracle is nothing happened to seriously hurt him or the house. We all prayed gratitude's that night and since than as well! We love you Danny!
  Garrett is doing OK with his classes though it is quite an adjustment for him, I pray his year goes well. We love you Garrett!!
   Seth our eldest graduated college and has a job albeit not in his field of studies. Still we are proud of him for a job well done and for working hard at anything, for paying his bills and being responsible. We love you Seth.
  Ron got his black belt in Karate last spring and is back at it  after a short break.  Got his deer finally too after 21 years without one. That meat (which is all gone by the way) was a blessing with three big boys to feed. Still our grocery bills were higher than ever. Everyone is feeling it. The munch crunch, the electric crunch, just everything has gotten so expensive. God still blesses us with what we need, and some beyond.
   Speaking of which God has called me to go to Uganda!

  I am hoping to ignite an art based program over at KAMPALA' CHILDREN'S CENTRE! They have asked me to raise 20,000.00 dollars by JANUARY 1st! This is clearly an impossible task for me, but for GOD all things are possible. If the people who love Him and are called to serve Him will do what they conscience and heart is telling them. Please go check out my PAY IT FORWARD,and donate if you feel led. Be sure to watch the video about what they are doing there at the Children's Centre!

The latest on my painting of 4 yr old Rachelle!  A young resident at Kampala Children's Centre .
  If you want to support the cause of bringing art to children in UGANDA please go to my PIF account or YOU CAN SEND a check instead to here:
NDE Network(Nations Discipleship Enterprise)
73 Grandview Drive
Newington, CT. 06111-4724
The above address is where I send the money to the child I sponsor during the year. This is where the treasurer lives his name is Victor Visock , and when I asked the founder and director (Arnold Muwonge) how much Victor gets paid for this I found out he takes nothing. He actually gives his own money to the children as well. So 100% of the money you send to this address will go to the children of Uganda at Kampala Children's Centre.
If you are sending the money to support the art program, just be sure to write that on the note line of your check (this money is intended for the art program)so it can be ear marked for the art program.
Thanks again everyone! I am smiling and waiting on the Lord! Sanna.


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