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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Some summertime art!

My three son's as bunnies!!
 So the above paining I started two years ago while taking my first Lie Book class with Tamara Laporte, she loves bunny art too! I decided to incorporate my children and it's funny because here they are a bubble blower, butterfly catcher and a cat lover. When in real life the eldest just graduated from college as a  bio scientist, the middle one is double majoring in criminal justice ad computer science, and the little one wants to be a veterinarian(for now at least).
a moral/politico piece.
This started out last Halloween as an Edgar Allen Poe piece.
Now it has evolved into a work about the injustices on the American black population from the police community.  Now when looking at the situation through my eyes I also see injustices but they go both ways. Since I am a woman of faith most things seem to come from both sides. Yes there are some police who are not right for their jobs, they are too full of prejudices and let their own life experiences make them judge innocent people harshly. Not just black people but people in general are basically subjected to mistreatment because of the messed up mentality that some of them have thinking they can lord this power over anyone and do almost anything without any repercussions. Wrong, wrong wrong I say they need to do better mental health testing on the people who join the forces. I think the cameras are a good idea though not sure how much good they do if they can be turned off of deleted.
  However looking at it from another angle, I have met plenty of righteous policemen and women.  People who have joined to serve and protect. and do just that. They should no more be subjected to the anger of the unjustly treated than the unjustly treated should be.
  So even though it isn't finished: this piece has already deep meaning added into it and also a view from the side that matters most... GOD'S VIEW!  Around the edges of this painting it says: "What if your child were an honest cop? Protect us from the hands of those who intend evil deeds. Are we really ready to meet God?"  In the front you are able to see the words"Hands up don't shoot, and You're choking me I can not breathe."   Also "How do we teach our children?" because I don't think we are doing a very good job of it America.  Remember to love your neighbor s yourself and do unto others as you would have done unto you. If you are  Christian you must do better than is even done unto you. If someone asks you to walk a mile be willing to walk seven times seven times seven! You can see the ravens and the words Never MORE from the poem of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven", and his face is in there as well as Abraham Lincoln's face who is in the eye of what I consider the mother of a black child. Her face is solemn and her hair is a tree branching out in peace and in pain.

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