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Saturday, January 3, 2015

I decided to take a LIFEBOOK class again this year, after skipping last year.

 I had so much fun and inspiration in 2013, I needed to do it again, so talked with my hubby and we decided it would be ok for a last Christmas giftie to me. I will do many of prints. I did this with many of my art pieces from 2013 and the prints are starting to sell. I try not to copy Tam but use her as a springboard for inspiration so I am never plagiarizing. She and her teachers are a wonderful source of inspiration! Thanks Tam! The first lesson is to use your own source of light from the universe and show it in the form of a beacon of light. Tam did a girl with a sun beam all around her head and her's was beautifully portrayed!  I decided to do Jesus as a child, since my husband got an Apocrypha this year for Christmas it made me think of Jesus as a little boy. So I began to try to do that and everyone said my picture doesn't look like God. I have tried to paint God before and it never works out.
  So I thought at first the boy looked like one of my sons friends named Connor but Garrett said it didn't, so I changed his face up a little bit. It slightly resembles another child in our lives whom we love. I have decided it is not Jesus as a little boy but our cousins' child who is named Preston. He has a crown because he was going to be Jesus, but the crown is still OK for several reasons: reason one because he is a very loved boy. Reason two, because I believe if you are a person who loves the Lord you are a forgiven saint. Which means you will get a crown when you enter into heaven. Reason three, so here is our Preston telling everyone that how God loves us all and hold the whole world in his hands!
 Hope Preston doesn't mind being my inspiration!!!!
  I am saying this - (even though I had intended just to say that Only Jesus was my light), that family is so very important to me as well. Also to me family is all God holds in His hands! All the children of the world all the mamas, all the papas, all the itty bitty babies, all the grandmas and grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and friends!  All those everywhere who simply trust in Him and call upon the name of God!

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