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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Yesterday when my son got off the bus...

he was so excited to tell me about how his little friend Chloe taught him a neat new way to draw 3D hair on people! My mind thinking you have a mom who is an artist and ya learned how to draw people hair on the bus through a ten yr old girl expert? WHA??????? Where did I go wrong!!!! Then I thought oh ya peers matter more soon! Maybe already, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my youngest is turning the page into almost a teenager.(well he will be eleven in April). Already having had apologized for the way he will be treating me soon. LOL!
So then I went to get the mail and Yippee , Jane Davenport's book about faces came! I decided to open the book and show my son Jane and I could easily top his little friend. He even agreed to sit down for a quick pencil sketch study! So we opened Jane's book and went to the first page that has step by step how to draw a face! My son and I had fun doing this side by side together the sketch journal he takes onto the bus to overcome extreme boredom! Afterward I added some quick colors to mine. He was mad I wrote "GIRLS RULE" on my page(mother of three boys needs her occasional digs) so I added some words to his page too then he was "cool"!! Here are our pages, I love his and then he drew "BOB"! hehehe
Remember in all fairness I drew my girl upside down and at a strange angle so my son could have rightsideup while we were side by side. So unlike Jane's face mine has a huge chin! I love my sons studies!

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