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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A garden and planting seeds was the assignment?

Guess I went a little overboard! Another great class from Tam LaPORTE! This class was about complimentary colors, color value and monochromatic divisions! We also wanted to let some of the original collaged background come through in the finished piece. Everyone else did a garden and I started out with one but than kind of went berserk with silly stuff!
Aborigine feet

ant ear pet

Cow with wings that say:
    W elcome to my crazy dream. Here I'm an Aborigine queen, the cows have wings there are giant things like kangaroos and joeys too! Purple ponies & Polka Dotted coconuts , ant eaters eat up all the bug!
Baby giant Joey

me as an Aborigine Queen and polkadotted coconuts

My three sons and the kind in our house

Entire completed art

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