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Thursday, May 28, 2015

OK so here's more art from this past month! May is almost over, we need rain!

but I think it's all going to poor under water Texas. I pray for the people who live there, God bless the people of Texas and other states where they are having so many natural disasters. Bless the people all over the world who are suffering from earthquakes and other such horrific experiences, especially the children Lord.


Here it is the end of May people!

Last week in the Life Book class we painted apples. I did not actually look at an apple so this is from my noggin. I also am using a journal that I started out with using Art Chix collage bits. So the lady on the left is a page I started way back when AC was still an active site. I decided to make her the queen of apples. A french friend let me know on LIFE BOOK the statement actually means to speak of an innocent one! I thought that made this piece extra cool and more meaningful.
My middle son Danny and my SIL Marcia getting ready to ZIP LINE!

Bro Woe getting ready to fly! His wife's send off!!!

Cake hogging troll! LOL! We celebrated our birthdays together and he didn't want to share the cake!

View from the top

Danny at the bottom!

another view of the ZIP!

There was a wedding going on at the top of the mountain, pretty cool!

Beautiful GUN STOCK!

Zip from the chairlift going up looking behind myself.

Me at the bottom with hat hair!

My fun nephew Andrew, fearless with that Jinga giant and quite talented at it too!
I have been wanting to Zip line for three years now, I can finally check that off my bucket list! Seriously beautiful fun experience but man did my body hurt the next day! Especially my hands from grabbing that bar and pulling it down and my knees from climbing those steep metal stairs with the heavy trolley on my backside. Plus the next day was slave labor planting for hours on end at my mothers house. That was her birthday gift. I meant to take picture there too but was too busy and forgot!

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