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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Some art I finished this past week!

  The first of two pieces for this weeks completed art is a shadow box that was actually started and given to me by a friend of mind whose name is Mary. She had started it with a broken box as the glass was out but I used that for my implant of the piece of chicken wired screen!  She had the lady and the lace and black and white papier already as well. Added the wasp nest and dripped it with bees wax. Special ordered the gold metal bees and placed five to make it a balanced piece. I prefer uneven numbers. The topper crown is from a bottle of crown royal(I think) glued on top well with some E6000 than added the red rhinestones and glittered them over with sparkling cheap gold acrylic paint. Placed the screen in the notched out part where the glass once was and than added that antique broach, so it's pinned on there and then a touch of glue to make sure it won't fall off, glittered up the center rose to bring unity to the piece integrating the silver and gold  metal tones.
  My friend Mary had added the white bust and I just had the perfect wings for her made of cloth so on they went. The clock under glass came from my collection of doll house miniatures and I have received several of those in lots so thought it would be great to part with one here. I also had these little brown balls that might be seeds and they mimic the nest in a sort of 3rd or fourth dimension so in they went as well.

 The bees were placed in a way that they would seem like they are producing hive like behaviors.
 Dripping the nest and other parts of the box with bees wax was fun and added a neat textural element!
 The proper looking English lady is named Peggy or Marguerite was given  a queens crown.Going  to soon change the front name to Mary, as Mary doesn't like to be called Peggy. Sorry Mary!
 Mary had placed felt on the sides and I simply added some stenciling and more bees wax, a few touches of white paint to distress it up a bit more.

 The back although you can not read it too well due to poor photography here says," Good night Marguerite" Good Night"! The piece is actually on the smallish side. A mere 5x7 or so inches, a nice shelf keeper.
 Next is a self portrait prompted by the Life Book class.

 We used magazine color blocks to make a mosaic look and some hand painted and drawn designs along with some neat transfer elements to bring a further mosaic look to these pieces.
A snowy place in our yard and some birds and butterfly, and a beetle type scarab for signs of nature and the Spring/Summer weather as we passed from winter (which seemed to be never ending this year! Wanting to make myself looking up as away of recognizing God in my life, thus the halo and saintliness of me  being only pure through God's love. An interesting way to make a self portrait.

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