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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Since this is still Sept.

Pictures of my sons first day getting on the bus for Junior High School, with dad and the dog! Bright new yellow bus too!

 The night before our middle son was struck by lightning while playing games in the basement. The miracle is nothing happened to seriously hurt him or the house. We all prayed gratitude's that night and since than as well! We love you Danny!
  Garrett is doing OK with his classes though it is quite an adjustment for him, I pray his year goes well. We love you Garrett!!
   Seth our eldest graduated college and has a job albeit not in his field of studies. Still we are proud of him for a job well done and for working hard at anything, for paying his bills and being responsible. We love you Seth.
  Ron got his black belt in Karate last spring and is back at it  after a short break.  Got his deer finally too after 21 years without one. That meat (which is all gone by the way) was a blessing with three big boys to feed. Still our grocery bills were higher than ever. Everyone is feeling it. The munch crunch, the electric crunch, just everything has gotten so expensive. God still blesses us with what we need, and some beyond.
   Speaking of which God has called me to go to Uganda!

  I am hoping to ignite an art based program over at KAMPALA' CHILDREN'S CENTRE! They have asked me to raise 20,000.00 dollars by JANUARY 1st! This is clearly an impossible task for me, but for GOD all things are possible. If the people who love Him and are called to serve Him will do what they conscience and heart is telling them. Please go check out my PAY IT FORWARD,and donate if you feel led. Be sure to watch the video about what they are doing there at the Children's Centre!

The latest on my painting of 4 yr old Rachelle!  A young resident at Kampala Children's Centre .
  If you want to support the cause of bringing art to children in UGANDA please go to my PIF account or YOU CAN SEND a check instead to here:
NDE Network(Nations Discipleship Enterprise)
73 Grandview Drive
Newington, CT. 06111-4724
The above address is where I send the money to the child I sponsor during the year. This is where the treasurer lives his name is Victor Visock , and when I asked the founder and director (Arnold Muwonge) how much Victor gets paid for this I found out he takes nothing. He actually gives his own money to the children as well. So 100% of the money you send to this address will go to the children of Uganda at Kampala Children's Centre.
If you are sending the money to support the art program, just be sure to write that on the note line of your check (this money is intended for the art program)so it can be ear marked for the art program.
Thanks again everyone! I am smiling and waiting on the Lord! Sanna.


I am taking a class with Annie Hamman! She's a brilliant artist and teacher....

So this is the painting I have chosen to make so far, it is of my grandmother Harriet! I loved my grams, she always had pinwheel mint candies i the jar when we visited. I got to sleepover her house and get the royal treatment. Felt like it to me, she would give me choices of what we could eat and we had neat interesting stuff like cottage cheese and peaches with pepper which I love to this day.

 Sometimes she took me places like to a church fair or to get something special a tiny thoughtful gift, or a book to read.
 My gram was always doing her fingernails, she was a classy woman, who had a very classic sense of fashion. She loved putting my sister and my hair up in pinwheels for curls the night before a big event like Easter or my Aunties wedding.
 She had a certain sadness about her eyes, because she lost two of her children the two boys when they were only a baby and 2 years old from a blockage and the RH factor. Back than there wasn't much known about how to grieve properly or how to validate a friend so people avoided the subject and the mourners were basically left to their own misery. A hard way to find healing.
 My mom was the first born to my gram she was only 5 when her brothers died, she wasn't allowed at the funerals. Hard on my mom too, and she was as adorable as gram is pretty!

 After the two deaths my gram had a fourth child, another girl. My Auntie, she too had the RH factor, but medicine had come further in those 7 or so years.  So my uncle George was a match and my auntie Nancy was one of the first babies ever to survive in BOSTON from the special transfusion.
 Both my mother and my Auntie became maternity nurses. They were really great at their jobs and saved lives.
 I think my gram is happy to know she has so many great grad children and many boys who have lived. My grandfather too!
 My gram had a big influence on my life, she was always in my corner, and I knew she loved me. I love and loved her too!
 I miss you Grammy!!!
I used birch trees in the windows because Gram had many in her yard, and they are my favorite tree. 
 I hope you like my picture of you, it is about values and telling a story. Thank you Annie Hamman for the excellent teaching videos and the inspiration your art bring into my life! If you see one of Annie's classes I highly recommend taking one the videos are so great you learn a lot eel inspired and the music is also phenomenal!
This is the picture I used for my painting. not exactly the same but close.

Some summertime art!

My three son's as bunnies!!
 So the above paining I started two years ago while taking my first Lie Book class with Tamara Laporte, she loves bunny art too! I decided to incorporate my children and it's funny because here they are a bubble blower, butterfly catcher and a cat lover. When in real life the eldest just graduated from college as a  bio scientist, the middle one is double majoring in criminal justice ad computer science, and the little one wants to be a veterinarian(for now at least).
a moral/politico piece.
This started out last Halloween as an Edgar Allen Poe piece.
Now it has evolved into a work about the injustices on the American black population from the police community.  Now when looking at the situation through my eyes I also see injustices but they go both ways. Since I am a woman of faith most things seem to come from both sides. Yes there are some police who are not right for their jobs, they are too full of prejudices and let their own life experiences make them judge innocent people harshly. Not just black people but people in general are basically subjected to mistreatment because of the messed up mentality that some of them have thinking they can lord this power over anyone and do almost anything without any repercussions. Wrong, wrong wrong I say they need to do better mental health testing on the people who join the forces. I think the cameras are a good idea though not sure how much good they do if they can be turned off of deleted.
  However looking at it from another angle, I have met plenty of righteous policemen and women.  People who have joined to serve and protect. and do just that. They should no more be subjected to the anger of the unjustly treated than the unjustly treated should be.
  So even though it isn't finished: this piece has already deep meaning added into it and also a view from the side that matters most... GOD'S VIEW!  Around the edges of this painting it says: "What if your child were an honest cop? Protect us from the hands of those who intend evil deeds. Are we really ready to meet God?"  In the front you are able to see the words"Hands up don't shoot, and You're choking me I can not breathe."   Also "How do we teach our children?" because I don't think we are doing a very good job of it America.  Remember to love your neighbor s yourself and do unto others as you would have done unto you. If you are  Christian you must do better than is even done unto you. If someone asks you to walk a mile be willing to walk seven times seven times seven! You can see the ravens and the words Never MORE from the poem of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven", and his face is in there as well as Abraham Lincoln's face who is in the eye of what I consider the mother of a black child. Her face is solemn and her hair is a tree branching out in peace and in pain.

I have loads to share with you all!

They have wonderful gardens everywhere outside.
During the month of August my son and I met up with my sister and niece for a great luncheon at The Pickity Place in Mason NH!

With beautiful trees!

and gorgeous flowers!

A cue little drying shed for all their herbs. Some of which they feed you and they are delicious!!!!

Bird houses you can look at and some to purchase in the gift shoppes.

If you need a good photo of a family member this is the place to take one.

or two...

Everywhere you look is a photo op.

Happy faces at the table too!

Me and my sister!

Isn't it quaint?

Some enormous trees!

This is a prize winner I might paint it one day!

I loved the lighting the flower and the roof in this picture.

Closer up with the bumble bee!

Looking in the coolio window of the shed I can see my reflection, kind of neat!

This is the other side of the dry shed.

My beautiful niece, who just wet off to college. I am so proud of her.

The flower tried to add to her beauty but she's so pretty it pales in comparison!

My son thinks he's funny!

Now this is nice.

Famous for being the place where Elizabeth Orton wrote "Little Red Riding Hood"!

Time to leave with bellies full and happy. We'll be back again though....

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