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Friday, November 13, 2015

The auction has been a success so far....

but we have almost a long way to go to begin the ARTS/ MEDIA CENTER for the Ugandan Children at KCC! We still need over 16000.00 . Here are some of the art works that are either available for bid or will be soon! More not even shown here so come see the auction and place some bids, the prices are great! The cause is so worthy, it's for the Kampala Children's Centre in Uganda and what they need right now is and art/media centre to further their cry to be heard and to reach the people in love. All cultures and communities need art to make the wounded heal and to have a voice to be heard. Here the hope is to have several approaches to this goal inside the new Arts/ Media building. There will be rooms for theater, computer labs, dance lessons and rehearsal studio,sound rooms for recording to further their singing ministries, and a wonderful area for fine arts. I see this as an ongoing ministry where I will raise money for art supplies and send them to the children as there are no supply stores right now in Uganda. I will be going to Uganda myself soon already bought my tickets, to help plan the building and to see my own sponsored child in his own setting. I will also be teaching a bit and visiting a few pastors in the bush with orphans as well to bring them each a lop top for their ministry outreach! I will only be going for short visit this first time but thereafter God willing longer stays to build the fine art program and teach children and adults how to facilitate art work and healing through the power of paint but mostly Christ's love! All the proceeds from this auction go directly to the building. So come PLEASE  to support our auction site on fb at :
 there are many ways to support, prayer, bidding, offering art donations and encouragement to the bidders and the workers! Thanks in advance, Sanna

2 SIZES OF Giclee prints available at auction

For sale poster size 24 x 24 inches at auction" MY HEART LIES IN AFRICA"

dollar download at auction

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