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Saturday, July 2, 2016

The auction for the Ugandan children is now running until the 10th of July, Please won't you come and purchase some art, donate, pray for a positive outcome, or give some of your own artwork for this worthy cause!!!

Please come into the auction and find out what we are all about the auctions has started!
A friend of mine asked me a question about my trip. She wanted to know if my travel cost was coming out of the money raised here, and what the money we raised was going to pay for, how long my trip was going to be and these were my answers:
No the auction did not pay for my trip, that came out of pocket as did my hotel and travel while in Uganda. Thus purchasing my own food. In addition to that also out of pocket a refurbished lap top computer including the year long anti virus protector and all it needed including hookups and world outlet for one pastor ( Senono Godfrey ) who is known by the founder of the organization (Arnold Muwonge ). The organization is known as NDE, that is known as ndenetwork,(included in the org is Destiny Africa children's Choir) and it supports in full Kampala Children's Centre with over 700 needy children getting their education of which 180 children live at the center. Arnold and I met after I first did the art project here in the states with the children in 2013.
KCC(Kampala Children's Centre) KCC is under the organization known as NDE(Nations Discipleship Enterprise)
NDE Network :: International Ministry Arnold Muwonge Uganda, UK, USA
An international ministry headed up by Arnold Muwonge in the UK, USA, Uganda and around the world.
My first visit was in January of 2016.! My future visit, God willing shall be during this summer of 2016. Tickets have been purchased hotel room is booked!
Going back now that the art studio is complete to fill the shelves and facilitate facilitation and some fun creativity with the children and staff! Perhaps some fearless godly art, and maybe enhance others ability to facilitate before returning to the states. I learned so much from the other teachers and staff on my first visit! For instance when Nicole, (my trusted assistant and teacher) wanted the children to quiet down she would sing to them this: "Hello Children", maybe once of twice until they heard her, and in turn they would all sing back: "Hello Teacher". This was so beautiful much better than yelling at them or even clapping or turning off the lights as we do here in America!! This Ugandan culture is one of mutual respect and love. I have much to learn from them.
Would love to set up some future visiting artists as well! What a beautiful dream! Perhaps Africans from local areas and further out and even other countries and American art teachers too, we all have so much to give and the children would looooooooooooooooove this experience!
During my stay this trip as was with my first one > the goal is team work! Planning activities, and turning the new studio into a workable environment. Pastor Arnold said the sinks will even be in a ready when I arrive this summer!!! The sinks were paid for by our auction last time people!
This time we may be able to hire a carpenter to build table top easel designs , finish the color wheel and attach it to the wall for use in the beautiful new studio. They already have most of the funds we all raised here, which went directly through their treasurer into the bank of Uganda for usage in what has already been done which was the building of the shelves, and cabinets, art studio tables, clean wall painting and finishing purposes. In addition the beautiful unique educational color wheel of 4 feet in diameter. two actually one for front of the wheel and the other for the back, with spinning ability and multiple layers.
Raised a wee bit teaching classes here, and selling my own art during our auction over the amount advertised. The same thing will be happening this time for my newest visit..
Raised from January was $6000.00 dollars.
That does not include the 1600.00 I spent on hotel and flight(this time is was much more expensive perhaps due to summer visiting- 1700.00 for the flight alone and over a grand for the hotel), This money is from family pocket.},Plus an additional 549.00 I used to purchase a lap top and camera and outlets for the other pastor who ministers in a local village to other orphans(between 50- 70).
Each visit made, other purchases are also necessary such as bug nets with insecticide treatment for sleeping over my bed, bought two in case one rips, those are to help prevent Malaria! A first aid kit with anything possibly needed which like last time will leave for the children. Things like anti fungal and Neosporin etc. etc.!
Good thing all the vaccinations have been given for the year, and my passport is still good! One also must take pills while in Uganda, starting on the plane ride over to prevent any Malaria that might get through my insecticide defenses!
There are also fees to pay for medical insurance in case I should need an air lift, and also pills for dysentery or bacterial intestinal disorder just in case.
Once again completely excited to be going soon. There will be fees to bring extra luggage about 200.00 dollars for each extra suitcase, if anyone feels like helping me with these so far I have 8 suitcases packed with art supplies!( most art supplies were purchase once again with family monies) Sure would appreciate any help, if there are any remaining funds from donations those will go directly to the needs of the children. The children have many needs and there are even more children who are still needing reach out.
New information to add: my intentions are to bring the eight suitcases filled with art supplies that I have already purchased here in the states. Plus an additional $2000.00 dollars for art supplies to be purchased while in the big city of Uganda, Africa.
Additionally money raised here will also be to purchase desks for 50 children in a nearby village who currently kneel in the dirt while at school to learn and read by, desks will be such a blessing/ cost=.$1650.00 dollars
The same village has also been granted an organ but it needs a new amplifier which will also run an additional $700.00 dollars. The sounds of the organ playing will bring many to come hear the word of God and bring the community closer together. Nothing like praise songs to add an element of amazing fellowship!
The team that is aiding me while in Uganda is already being formed. We are planning my agenda together through emails now well in advance so that my time there will be best utilized to benefit of the Ugandan people. There is also talk of my facilitating together with the team an art camp for a local church for the needy women and children. I believe art heals and since so many there are struggling even to survive art could be such a soothing glass of water. We won't have a lot of funding for this en-devour unless the money pours in somehow, so am thinking basic journals and graphite, for this time in. Also UNICEF offers what they call: "ART IN A BOX", and it's filled with all types of fun supplies enough for an entire community of children. The art boxes are $250.00 dollars each and I want to provide for three of them, one for the church, one for the village, and one for Kampala Children's Centre. Another $750.00 dollars, if UNICEF will allow me to recommend these places. 
Additionally really hoping to gather some of the prodigy I met the first visit to do some fearless painting Annie style, some in the new studio~ yeah! The new studio was paid for by all of you generous people here at the art auction artists and bidders alike! Thank you so much please continue to be the blessing that you are!!!
When I visit the village for the children who will be getting the new desks God willing- they will also be doing some art with Auntie Sanna! I can't wait to meet them all! I hear they are great hugger's which I love, and cannot get enough of so good for the soul!
While in Kampala I get to see see my own sponsored child Haslam as well as many other children who have completely lived in my heart now since getting to know them even a little. Funny how God can teach us how to love so easily and so completely!!! Once you have been to Africa and returned home, you realize you no longer have a home because your heart is now divided into two pieces!
Thank you so much for reading and for considering to share either through prayer, through art and art related donations, funding, and encouragement! 
God bless you , Susan (Sanna) Burgess
James 1:27
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world
NDE Network :: International Ministry Arnold Muwonge Uganda, UK, USA
An international ministry headed up by Arnold Muwonge in the UK, USA, Uganda and around the world.

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