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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Some of my photos from visiting the village of Namyumba in Uganda!

This is me with the youngest school children!
As you can see these children lack desks, but soon due to the generosity of artists and friends and family soon they will have them!

The children are surrounding me excited to get their small plastic toys! Little animals from all around the world. This was a fun activity!

A precious doll!

So much beauty and innocence!

They look related maybe brother and sister? I love their smiles!

This is the school and temporary church!

Pastor Arnolds daughter with Pastor Ssenono's daughter!

Coloring in happy sayings and pretty pictures!

This one in red in named Angel! I loved how well she could dance!!!!She was so warm and personable.

Me trying to copy the professional little boys drumming. As you can see I am amusing them!

Encouragement for a drawing class!

The back of the room.

Animal people pictures!

Hard at work!

Well done children!

Pastor Ssenono and his young flock!

Such sweet talent.

Can I please scoop them up and keep them all Lord?

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