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Sunday, November 6, 2016 I haven't been blogging lately. So am doing ablog now to show you what I have created lately.

My beautiful friend from Uganda Africa whose name is Millan! I saw a photo from Zach Iron and had to paint it, the yellow dress and bush in front made a lovely harmony!

Since she appears to be a princess she really needed some butterflies!

Printed enough of this to give to each of the houses for the children at Kampala Children's Centre, in Uganda!

Puddle Jumping Prayer Warrior

Completing the found fairy wand for cousin Aundrea. Her first year teaching kgarden!

The beach where we had a family reunion and came to remember my Aunt Connie and Uncle Art!

God's art! From the Cape of Massachusetts!!!

Drew in car on way to the Cape



Fire and Fusion finally SOLD! For the Seniors of Nashua NH.

Some reunion with my friend's from HS!

Part of my many gardens from the Spring and Summer!

I am in love with this little angel. She was gifted this original in the village of Namayumba!

This piece is once again up for auction this coming Saturday at the VFW in Milford to benefit the artists scholarship, for art teachers and those who have disabilities wanting to become teachers. In memory of a young artists named Alisha.

Working on a series for how the blind man could see after two tries!

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