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Saturday, January 23, 2016

I am back from Uganda my friends and followers!,with many joyful experiences to tell you about!

  What can I tell you about Uganda that would most surprise people?  It was not one bit scary, the people are the most amazing lambs on earth!!!! Go if you ever get the chance to visit!! Bless the people there and let them bless you as they have most abundantly blessed me. When I first worked with the Destiny Africa Children's Choir through art here in America I loved them that very day. After visiting them where they live I love them even more my heart is torn in two pieces now. One half lies here(where my mom and family live) and the other half lives in Uganda (where my precious African family live).  How can I so easily fall in love with an entire people? If you could only see how humble a people they really are,and how they act out their love for God!
   I must admit one day while riding in the vehicle down the road an oncoming cow freaked me out just a smidgen! LOL! The love and kindness from my gracious and generous hosts far outweighed anything that was different for me.  

One of these cows turned around and walked straight almost into the front of our moving vehicle, which is when I let out my scream. 
  I was certainly the scariest thing in Uganda for the Ugandans the week I visited!!!! Thanks for being so tellerant and such kind hosts of me while I was there friends. You are in my heart for ever and always!!!

The sweetest little 8 year old ever, whose name is Joshua!!!I love you Joshua, and I miss you very much!!!!
Bishop/ Pastor Arnold who the children call Daddy This man is the founder of Kampala Children's Centre! When I am near him I feel the presence of God. He bears much fruit and does so with a character of humility.
Me with two very kind teen age girls! You will be seeing more posts of them later. They are gorgeous inside and out!
Nicole is Pastor Arnold's daughter she lives in his home outside of KCC(Kampala Children's Centre) there is Uganda. She is studying as an Art major in her now junior year of college. She was by my side the entire time translating for me and getting the job done! Thank you Nicole! I love you my sister in art and in Christ!
After a fantastic art session the little boys are doing gymnastic shows for me while the little girls gather round for hugs and love!You can see why I want to go back to this beautiful place.
This is me trying to be so cool with my girl Parvin! They helped me take my sweaty hair down and pose pretty with their glamorous selves for a decent picture.  They could easily be models or photographers or just about anything their hearts desire!!!!

This is a very special little baby only 4 months old. The mama let me hold him for quite some time and I was in my baby holding glory! He was such a sweet little quiet man. He was laid back and cuddled to my chest, he even liked my blond hair and caressed it while he gently cooed. Like all babies he loved bright colors too! He was not afraid of my differences in appearance. First they told me his name was Arafat, and than Am-rod, not sure either was the child's real name but he was precious to me no matter what his name is for real. Before I left while his mother was holding him I prayed a blessing on his head.That he would be a happy successful man one day and that the Lord would bless him richly. That he would be special in God's kingdom and used is great ways! I am still praying this for the child as I believe in pryaer, each time I return to Uganda I want to visit him and see how God is answering my prayers!
This is one of Rachel's best friends her name is Katie! A beautiful little girl and a good friend of mine too now. Blessings to you Katie! I look forward to making more art with you in the future!
This is me of coarse with my friend Pastor Senono, who also has an orphanage, although his is in the village much further from the city than where I visited. He had the meekest of voices and was so kind and grateful. Love you my brother! Looking forward to seeing you again in the future and hearing more about the blessings of the children you are  God has blessed you to care for there in Uganda!
Rachel and I after the blast of an art session, just relaxing a bit while we watched the little boys play.
Last but by no means least my sponsored son Haslam, whom I love even more than ever! I miss you my son.. I am so looking forward to the day when I can hug you again!!!

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