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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Currently I am working on some art for a show in Boston!

 My friend is an amazing singer and writer of Jazz infused synergistic music and she wrote and sings an entire solo Cantata! The Cantata is all based on the Torah and Jewish prayers sung by a women to God for the people of Israel. She is giving the cd to some artist friends and asking theme to interpret in their own artistic style, and when she does the show these will be hanging these art works on the walls around to allow people to experience through their own hearts and feelings, as well as through the eyes of other artists. Very exciting for me as finding  myself craving her music more and more, it's so unique and beautiful. Everyone would love it especially those with faith, if you are a believer in the God of Jacob! This is such an honor for me and I find it always an important step praying for His Holy inspiration and intervention into my art work. Prayer is so important for everyone, and just to even acknowledge God's presence in everything we do and to know without Him nothing has magnificence or significance. Today as the paint hits the canvas prayer comes first, asking God always to allow the viewers to be blessed, for God Himself to be blessed even in some small way, and for Him to bless me through the process and eventual turn out. " Please Lord do not let my work be in vain!!! Art does not have to always appeal to everyone but it is important that the soul is touched in some way beyond how they are currently being touched. Reaching out from one spirit to another and if somehow in the process God'
   None of these works are completed yet, but I do feel they are friend and God inspired! Thanks Lord! Thanks Julie!
 Prayers Of Faith

Wall Of Tears, Cries no more!

Flesh of my Flesh Bone of My Bones
s Spirit intervenes and causes a heartfelt change or recognition of why we are even here then I Praise Him for that!

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