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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Haven't posted in a while from our winter wonderland, so here finally is some of what's been going on at my place!

No longer available
Grayson because he is our gray son! BEST CAT EVA!
Awaiting the Awakening
This beautiful Indian woman is available for purchase!
driftwood with paper clay sculptures made for Christmas sales and gifting.
 So the past three months or more have been a whirl wind of one illness after another for me. First a 26 day head ache then shingles then folliculitis and finally a cold that turned into bronchitis and sinusitis! Now praise God I am finally getting all healed and back to my regular self again! One sure does appreciate good health when it has been so missed!!!!

Sold "/Postage Bride

This mixed media work came to me quickly and although I did not set out to have it look like one of my most admired artist's it did turn out to be her! Maybe because that day I had been reading 30 things about her from her  blog and she was on my mind! Love you Annie Hamman!

"My Always Whatever Girl"
This piece is currently up for auction. Actually love how she came out as she seems so much a part of me. Everyone has one of these if not inside oneself then somewhere beside oneself. "WHATEVER" a word we use trying to show we do not care about something, when down inside many times we really do!


Husband making the driveway safe for the family!
Photo by Christ(not the God Christ a regular human one), from some of the art work used to support Julie Ladeaux's Cantata that was a successful performance in Boston!

Me as the abominable snowman.
New fridge old one no longer could find parts for! Thanks Sears!
I look up , He sees me! SOLD
The sale of this artwork means so much to e as it was made in Uganda to teach the children at Kampala Children's Centre Showing them how to stretch and prime a canvas and also some fun techniques with the new art supplies brought to them through the auction. Then it was purchased by this lovely Ugandan herself named Jael. She wanted to support the children and she loves art. Thank you Jael you are a blessing, and thank you Lord for sending your people to love your people!.

ATC cards made for raising money to gift Namayumba Uganda with a clean water well!

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