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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Where does all the time go?

Great Seagull shots in RI!

Our beautiful cat(Grayson)!

One of my sweetest little pink bunnies!!!

Just a tea bag from a friend!

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Nothing is ever just anything!

Just when I think time is spinning and what have I done? Look over the roof tops and see...


We turned 13 and became men!

shipped eight boxes ahead of time and changed our travel plans for this!

Painted florals and winged thing! Bit my lip to make time hold still!

Spent time with people we love!
Capture my man in a few shots!

Painted this one after the terror in the UK, so many precious girls in our world need serious protection.

made paintings that got published and sold!

Realizing more and more becoming like Our Lord is a process!

Felt Patriotic and saw the winds blow.

sculpted on driftwood

Worked hard for the children who are my joy!

Had so much fun with collage

Got published

Worked out in the yard
SOLD! Praise God!!!!!

Got Published!

Painted and collage beautiful ladies!

Remembered and loved!

Thanked God for my blessings!

Hugged trees and loved nature!

watered and watched God grow things!


Experienced joy with family!

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