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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Some pictures from my trip to Uganda

A beautiful child in Uganda!

The wedding of Patrick and Madinah. That is the gown I wore to my own wedding almost 30 years ago! I love this couple! 
Releasing the Holy Spirit in the Village of Namayumba!

Playing with the children's new chute in Namayumba!

Me in the beautiful dress my friend Millan gave to me in Africa


Just one of my beautiful drive-byes!
Peter of Namayumba, never gonna forget this one!
My son Haslam from Kampala Children's Centre! Saying grace right before our big feast at the big boys house!I love you my son!

On the road to Damascus!

My children from Prossie and Godfrey having fun with some new costumes!
An original painting done on my first visit with the children from Kampala
Children's Centre, right here in my on yard!!
Leo behind bars! At Entebbe
Living Stone has his Saul to Paul moment! That is why I call it the road to Damascus!
This is an actual beauty salon from Kampala I had to paint for the irony
of it all!
The studio we made possible through the art auction for the children of Uganda! Art and Water, Need and Love!!

The first time I met this child asked him about his eyes,  thought was mosquito bites, so this time he wore a mask to greet me. I think he is such a handsome boy, we need to get him some medication so his eyes can heal, these kids are so humble and really need our support in all forms!

"Do the Wa wa TUSSI!" Just a crazy acrylic painting done by me.

This is where Pastor Ssennono grew up in the bush lands where they grow gardens. It is very beautiful there! The people even more beautiful!

My artist Davis!

A cute little girl of the Leopard tribe, maybe?

Queen Madinah!

"Sacred African Mother"
Painting done in the village of Gayaza with The Pillar's of Africa children's Choir!

The Pillar's of Africa Children's Choir with Patrick and Mdinah Kunihira and me! 
Me, Madinah, and Kathy at the practice wedding! 

Pastor Ssennono from Namayumba visiting Gayaza blessing the groom and bride to be!
Two of my young children from Namayumba!

The Kampala Children's Centre sitting with one of my favorite artists named Parvin!

Giving the big boys some fresh new mattresses and linens long awaited well deserved! Love you guys!
The church we are building with KCC and the Namayumbians for Namayumba to worship with the body in a safe dry space of Praise worthiness! They will also be using this building for school and educational purposes, a true blessing!

The new studio is now a blank canvas for the children at KCC!

A copula atop the Buganda Kings Castle in Kampala!

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